Workplace Intervention & Conflict Resolution

Norwood & Atchley focuses exclusively on representing individuals and groups of individuals in the workplace. With over 60 years of combined experience in the litigation of employment conflicts, we have developed a practice philosophy which can best be described as workplace intervention for conflict resolution. Workplace relationships, like any other relationships, are usually most productive and healthy if they are founded on effective communications and a sense of mutual responsibility between the parties.

In representing employees, our goal is not simply to "win" at trial. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients given their unique workplace conflict or situation. Often, simple straightforward communications between the parties can resolve a conflict before it rises to the level of a crisis. Whether it involves the negotiation of a severance agreement, discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or a claim for wrongful discharge, we believe most people are best served by an intervention calculated to try to resolve the conflict as quickly and as fairly as possible. We believe in trying to mediate claims before resorting to formal litigation. As an employee, filing a lawsuit in court should be your ultimate and last resort - undertaken only after all other efforts to resolve your claim have failed.

Areas in which we have represented individuals and groups of individuals include: